Cameron Shultz

Cameron Shultz has been a believer in Jesus Christ since he was very young, and has always loved sharing his faith with as many people as possible. Today, he is now the Founder and President of Devotion Weekly Online Ministries, and we at Devotion Weekly all share Cameron’s love of the Gospel as well as his love of spreading it to as many people as possible. In 2015, Cameron decided he wanted to share the gospel with the online community, thus Devotion Weekly was born. The foundational beliefs behind the fledgling ministry were simple: Love, believe and share. As you can see, Devotion Weekly has grown tremendously in the past couple of years. 

Cameron enjoys camping, flying, golfing, cyber-security, and spending time in God’s Word.

Cameron also helped start One Radio Ministry. Two years after it was founded, it officially joined Devotion Weekly as a satellite ministry. One Radio was operational for three years following, but was discontinued due to escalating costs.

Cameron is also a member of our Web Development Team.